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Sage Canaday’s book Running For The Hansons gives the reader a first-hand account of what it’s like to train and live as a sponsored professional marathon runner. As a member of the Hansons-Brooks distance project in Michigan for two-and-a-half years, Sage had the honor of training alongside Olympians Brian Sell and Desiree Davila. The book covers Sage’s experiences in the program and how he and his teammates would train up to 140 miles a week and more in preparation for races like the Boston Marathon and the US Olympic Trials. The book is available in both Kindle/eBook form and paperback on If you would like a signed and/or dedicated copy you can order the book directly from Sage on this site’s paypal button in the top right-hand corner of your screen (shipping time may take up to a couple weeks since I am often on the road).

Running For The Hansons

From the backcover:

Running For The Hansons offers the reader a glimpse of what it is like to be a professional distance runner, to run in a major sponsor’s shoes, and to live a lifestyle structured around training and racing. It is a first-hand, exclusive account that delves into the elations, the disappointments and the re-discoveries of what it takes to be an elite, American distance runner.  The story provides a framework of The Hansons-Brooks Distance Project, a post-collegiate marathon-focused training group based in Michigan that was made famous by the progression of 2008 US Olympian Brian Sell.  Runners of all ages and abilities will quickly recognize that the thought processes of such athletes mentioned in the story can be applied to their own running.  The mega-mileage, 140-mile weeks and puke-inducing workouts and races that are discussed in the book are relative extensions from the challenges that any high school team, college cross-country team or marathon-training group must learn to conquer together.  As a collective whole, the sacrifice and commitment of each individual yields a camaraderie, synergy and motivation for the entire group to break through pre-conceived barriers (which are the very efforts demanded to achieve new personal bests!)  This is a story about dreaming big, following your heart and taking risks.  It is a story of triumphs, disappointments, and how one may find meaning and purpose in life through a “simple” passion for running.

Included in the contents are informative sections about training, racing, and what it takes to become one of the best marathon runners in the country.




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