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Vo2max Productions, LLC initially started as a creative outlet to share videos and other published media about the sport of distance running.  After slowly building a following from its dedicated YouTube channel audience, the company branched out into other forms of running related media:

In 2011 Vo2max Productions became a platform to publish, market, and distribute Sage Canaday’s book Running For The Hansons.

In 2012 Vo2max Productions coaching services came to fruition to help others achieve their goals in running.

Vo2max Productions is owned and operated by Sage Canaday. Sage has been a competitive runner for the last 15 years and has competed nationally and internationally at high profile races.  As a 2-time US Olympic Trials qualifier, he was the youngest athlete in the 2008 marathon trials at the age of 21. Since college graduation, Sage has gone on to run a 2:16:52 personal best in the marathon, and a 1:04:32 personal best in the half marathon. Sage has also proven competitive as a Mountain-Ultra-Trail runner competing around the world from 12km to 100km events. Sage won the 2012 US Mountain Running Championships at the Mt. Washington Road Race by over 2 minutes in a time of 58:27. Sage’s time at Mt. Washington is the fastest ever by an American at that venue.

Sage on his way to the fastest American time ever at Mt. Washington

[Photo Credit to Dennis Coughlin of]

Sage has learned from some of the best coaches and runners in the country. The cornerstone of his training philosophy, which has been influenced and refined by his experiences of being coached and running at the professional level, is based on individualized progression.  As a true student of the sport, Sage’s methods have also been influenced by the written works of world-famous coaches and exercise physiologists, including: Lydiard, Daniels, Pfitzinger, Cerutty, Wetmore, Coe, Vigil, Canova, Kellogg, and Benson. Sage believes that optimal training is both a science and an art, and realizes that each individual runner has unique strengths and potentials for improvement.

Any additional information about Sage can be found on his personal site.